Best Web Development Companies in Chicago

You already know why you want a website. You, however, need to engage those who know what they are doing. In Chicago, we have a few web developers ready to make that website and take it a notch higher. 

It’s not easy to come up with a website that will rank on Google. However, it’s doable, thanks to the current generation that has found the best ways to create a fast-loading website with everything required to propel it to greater heights. 

Now, who are these web developers Chicago possesses? We have researched ten of them for you. 

We Analyzed 1671 Web Development Companies in Chicago, Illinois, & Picked the Top 11

Alpha Efficiency 

Alpha Efficiency has reviews on Lifehacker, and other media outlets are a reputable web development company. It all started as a magazine that provided information challenging productivity issues. 

How they empowered people led to starting a company that would help overcome some of the challenges presented in the magazines. That is why they are now developing websites for you, among other services. You can still get their magazine which now needs you to subscribe to their newsletter. 

The team has forward thinkers who implement the digital transformation need to build better software infrastructure. So, what you get will involve research, development, and maintenance of the website, among other software tools. 


Getting your website to the next level can involve the Chromatic company. There, you will meet Chromaticians who are ready to learn as they dedicate your idea to the four phases of implementation in their services protocol. 

There are designers, developers, operations managers, and more, and they all form the team you need to listen to what you require to contribute to the global village. That is why Adobe and the Parents magazine are some of their clients in thirteen years in business. 

They always look for top-notch developers, and that means the sky is the limit for them. The company also gives back to the community by contributing to open source communities and holding conferences.  

Comrade Digital Marketing 

Comrade Digital Marketing has majored in web design and digital marketing services. So, after creating that intuitive website, they will perform SEO service and PPC to help in growing your customer base and revenue. 

Consulting the company is free of charge. Some of their expertise in building websites centered on WordPress, customized, or in the e-commerce niche. Once it’s all done, they can work with you to increase the targeted traffic, improve overall visibility, and generate sales leads. 

If you also have a website that needs some polishing, they will help you upgrade and reach the current standards. They do that through actionable advice, which gives in to strategies that best suit your website. 

Digital Destination 

A business website that needs recognition requires the best online strategies. If you are in Chicago, another place you can visit is the Digital Destination. Finding them is easy since they have a contact form that pops up on their website. 

Whether you have a website or not, they will do a free comprehensive analysis of how you can be found online. Digital Destination will dwell more on mobile presence when creating your website since most of the consumers are currently on smartphones. 

Your website needs to be better than competitors, and you need to avoid the Google punishment. This is a company that adheres to that, and what they create will suit the current times. 


Elegrit is a web design company that works exclusively with small businesses that want to take full advantage of the web. With their grit and “can do” attitude, they always strive for simplicity and elegance with every project that they take on.

As a full-service digital company, they offer web design, development, local SEO, PPC, content writing, and more. However, what truly sets them apart, is their ability and depth of knowledge in web programming and integration. They are the go-to company for website owners wishing to integrate systems beyond what simple Zaps from Zapier can do.

The company was officially started in 2015 by a U.S. Navy veteran with the intent of helping the local business community thrive online. Since that time, Elegrit has made a name for itself as one of the best in its class.

Excal Tech 

Excal Tech is quite a large company that offers more than web design. They have servers that have hosted enormous amounts of data for clients, and you will find them dealing with VPNs and data migration. 

They have been in the business for the past 28 years and have completed tasks for over 450 customers. In web design, they always like to involve the client through the process. That way, you get a modern solution that will compete and stand out in the current state of things. 

Since mobile phones are the current rave, they center on making the website mobile-friendly too. Since they are vast in the IT world, your company can find several solutions in one place.


Highland is another development company you would want to look for web development services. They are also heavily involved in apps. Of late, they have been winning awards as the best Laravel implementors for two years in a row. 

This is a company that provided SaaS, and they work within their means. So, you won’t get exaggerated information here. Instead, what you get is an incredible plow on the strengths that they possess. 

They have dealt with clients in non-profit organizations, healthcare, and finance. To get an idea of what they do, there are already show-cased products that they have worked on their website’s homepage.


In Kahoots, they believe in transforming ideas into reality. That is why they have five reasons why you should join them. First, they are full of ideas that will help your main idea get a life. 

That gives in to the second reason, which is developing fantastic results that are simply unstoppable. If there are any barriers, they will surely get them down. The third reason is that the company uses creativity in the room to ensure you have an excellent website that visitors will not shy off when viewing. 

The fourth reason is that they will always meet your demands. Your website will undergo strategy, design, coding, and content creation. So, there is full service here. The last reason is that they understand that they are working with people and not the products they create. 

LaunchPad Lab

The first web developer company on the list is LauchPad Lab. Based on their profile, you can tell that they do more than creating websites. That’s great because if you have an app that will require a website, this is the company to approach if you are a Chicago dweller. 

They are currently dealing with hundreds of clients, and it’s excellent to see that they retain 85% of them. Core principles guide everything that LaunchPad Lab does. They include partnering with clients through proper alignment of preliminaries and collaborating with them to form a working solution. 

There are also teams to test everything once the website starts working. That tells you that they will be with you as you walk through the creation and maintenance phases. 

Part Three

Lastly, we have Part Three, which involves you in a three-part process of making your website. First, they understand that you must have a quality product that concurs with the millennial times. 

Second, you must have sound operations. While they will sit with you to discuss the above two parts, that will help bring the part three requirements. That’s effective marketing strategies, and they start with building a website with a nice mobile-friendly interface. 

Apart from web development, they have PPC/SEM, social media, and SEO teams. Even with the current technology era, they will still consider the traditional ways of marketing.


VisualFizz has helped customers propel their digital presence. One way to do that is by creating responsive web designs, and they have the skills you require right in Chicago. Some of their clients include Toyota and Topco. 

Whether you need a website done from scratch or via re-known platforms such as WordPress, they will get the job done before you see the beautiful design via your favorite search engine. 

They will also assist you in marketing strategies and optimize for conversion rates. So, they will never leave you hanging once the web design task is complete. VisualFizz is well known for creating brand recognitions that lure and win customers. 


It seems like Chicago has the web developers you need to get your website where it belongs. The above represents ten of the best businesses, and everyone is a winner here in what they do. 

If you want to choose the perfect one, check out the areas they excel in and the businesses they have dealt with before. That way, you will get developers that will make it easier to deploy the right analysis and strategies. 

Syed Farhan Raza

Farhan is the managing director at Vverge. He also runs a boutique SEO agency helping local businesses drive organic traffic that converts. He spoke at 20+ conferences including Google Business Group and contributed to many top publications like Yahoo. When he is not working 12 hours a day and 6 days a week helping companies grow, you can find him bouncing ideas with fellow entrepreneurs in a local cafe or over a phone call.

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