Best Yoga Studios in Chicago

Things have been quite stressful lately, with the pandemic and all. Being quarantined for so long has ruined my daily exercise routine since long ago. Now that things are starting to get back to normal, I figured out how to fix all of that—searching for yoga studios in Chicago.

That’s right; there aren’t many healthy ways to heal both your body and mind other than yoga. But from what I’ve heard from my friends, no two yoga studios are the same. This led to quite a lot of digging around the internet to find what might suit me the best.

Finally, after browsing through various features of hundreds of Chicagoan studios, I managed to narrow them down to 10. Let’s take a look at them!

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We Analyzed 1199 Yoga Studios in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 18


A highly affordable and accessible yoga studio in Chicago is AbsoYOGAlutely. Join their virtual Yoga, Pilates & HIIT classes from wherever you are. They are the only studio in this list focusing on Lymphatic and Restorative yoga.

With a firm belief that yoga is for everyone, this studio welcomes Lymphedema Patients or cancer survivors. They also provide compression garments for these patients, thanks to their affiliation with Luna Medical. 

You can tell how affordable they are because of their single-class costing only $9. The lymphedema 10-class package costs only $35. Experience increased range of motion, flexibility, and muscle strength from their classes.

Be Yoga Andersonville

Be Yoga Andersonville offers an in-person, live stream, and on-demand yoga and is best known for teaching the original hot yoga sequence in a 90-minute class. Their mission is to teach students of all abilities, ages, and conditions to create positive change, body, mind, soul in a welcoming and supportive space. They start with the spine.

They teach a therapeutic hot yoga class using beginner-friendly movements that are both accessible and challenging. They also offer live stream classes, vinyasa classes, and intermediate-level classes.

It’s a small, family-owned yoga school in the vibrant Andersonville/Edgewater neighborhood. At Be Yoga Andersonville, they pride themselves on giving you the most friendly and welcoming environment to learn yoga. Their teachers have intensive training to teach the 26 postures and two breathing exercises of the original hot yoga in the heat. In addition, they spend extensive time developing our teachers to give you the best instruction possible, no matter what is going on in your body.

Bottom Line Yoga

If you’re looking for a posh, well-lit, and clean yoga studio where you can enjoy scenic views, you’ve found it. Go over to 141 W Jackson Blvd. Suite 750 to locate the Bottom Line Yoga studio.

Founded by Lauren Goggins, this studio believes that mindfulness can redefine a life both internally and externally. Courses include mindful movement, meditation, flexible flow yoga, yin yoga, and more.

The instructors are encouraging and compassionate, willing to help out in every way. There are many other pricing options, along with single classes at $12 and $99 for an unlimited monthly membership. 

Ink and Iron

Ink and Iron strive to be our absolute best, from customer care to top-notch artists! Formerly Mortal Canvas, they rebranded in 2016 under new female ownership and are now home to a uniquely co-ed and ethnically diverse group of artists. Ink and Iron have a fully custom shop and talented artists offer a wide range of styles and expertise, so they are sure to have someone who will be the perfect fit for your vision!

They offer a wide range of piercing services! From earlobes to dermals and everything in between. The expert piercers will ensure the job is done accurately, professionally, and as painlessly as possible. They also now have artists that offer cosmetic tattooing and microblading services! They pride ourselves on our customer service and unique, comfortable environment that may give you a whole new concept of what a tattoo shop can be.

They also offer various pain management options if you are planning on a long session and the latest forms of aftercare for both tattoos and piercings. Their clean and uniquely laid-out shop will have you feeling like you’re at home, so you can relax, sip a cup of tea, put on a movie, or just zen out! They’re a family at Ink and Iron, and our customers are an extension of that.

Mia Park

Mia has been passionate about yoga since 2002 as an elegant, accessible set of techniques that assist with self-inquiry. With self-awareness, a life of purpose can be lived. Mia’s favorite yoga practice is yoga Nidra or guided, conscious relaxation. Yoga Nidra is a way of understanding yourself on deeper levels with the side benefits of lowering stress and resting deeply. Mia leads online Candlelight Restorative Yoga Nidra classes that are free or $15 to receive a recording and also LEADS online yoga Nidra teacher training. Sometimes conscious rest is the yoga you need.

Ritual Hot Yoga Chicago

Heat, rhythm, calmness, and release—that about sums up this studio. Ask your friends to recommend a good yoga studio in Chicago, and there’s a high chance they’ll say Ritual Hot Yoga. 

Epiphany inducement meets soulful release in the vulnerable and explorative class style of Ritual. They’re the only studio on this list to offer an iPhone app for their members.

Become a member of Ritual and get access to hundreds of pre-recorded and on-demand virtual classes. They have a 10-day unlimited plan ($55) which is pretty rare to see in yoga studios. They also offer many other pricing plans for your convenience.

Room to Breathe Chicago

Room to Breathe Chicago is a part of the Center, an integrative psychotherapy practice. Their ission is to offer yoga classes, workshops, and other wellness services, empowering you to find the tools that help you thrive. 

They believe that you are enough, just as you are, and that the practice of yoga should fit you, not the other way around. Room to Breathe teachers bring a psychologically sensitive approach to our schedule of gentle and restorative classes, that prioritize function over form. Currently, their entire schedule is online in real-time.

Sat Nam Yoga 

In Sat Nam Yoga’s spacious studio, you will be able to meet your full potential as an individual. Achieve that through their Kundalini and Vinyasa teachings, meditations, healing arts, and much more. 

There are also monthly rituals and community events here for you. They will focus on your bodywork, energy work, tarot, and sound therapy sessions. And if that’s not enough, there are certifications, class series, workshops, and training sessions.

You won’t find such a wide range of activities in many studios. Open-air classes are also taken in their beautiful garden. Join their huge community at 1304 W Washington Blvd. 

Studio Fit Chicago

Studio Fit Chicago is Chicago’s first and only all-female studio, located in the heart of Chicago. Run by women dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, Studio Fit empowers you to feel confident, comfortable and find their perfect exercise fit.

A variety of modern classes and workshops, with women’s boxing, barre, HIIT, all under one roof make Studio Fit Chicago truly unique. Enjoy a single class or stay for a double with yoga sculpt and a yoga cool down for total mind/body satisfaction.

Studio Fit is more than just an exercise studio. We are a safe haven for those looking to make new friends, be proud of their bodies, and find a sense of peace and happiness from within.

Studio Three

Studio Three takes a refreshingly modern take on the ancient format of yoga. A wide and accessible range of vinyasa yoga and specialized strength training classes await!

What makes Studio Three stand out is its cross-training process. It is acknowledged as the smartest and most effective way to exercise. This is the best place to improve your power and efficiency while minimizing injury.

You will enjoy yourself in the picturesque studio that offers both heated and unheated rooms to practice their multilevel courses. And you can keep yourself committed through their monthly workshops and fitness challenges.

Tejas Yoga

Tejas Yoga is your go-to yoga studio if you’re looking for spirituality and philosophical upliftment. It is an inclusive space where you can feel the essence of yoga with authenticity and demystification.

At Tejas Yoga, you can also take practical classes, workshops, and training. This includes Ayurveda, Tantra, and Hatha Yoga to improve overall health. Not many yoga studios in Chicago offer this.

Single classes will cost $20, but they offer a discount for their seniors and currently enrolled students. Moreover, they have a Pay It Forward program for those who can’t afford it. This lets you access a single class for only $7!

The Lab Yoga Studio

The Lab Yoga studio has been providing transformative in-person and virtual yoga classes, teacher training, and workshops in the bustling West Loop area since 2010.

They have some of Chicago’s best teachers who look forward to welcoming you to the Lab! They teach creative one of a kind yoga classes that you will not find elsewhere.

With a focus on strength, alignment, and breath, their teachers create classes that will test beginners to advanced practitioners and leave you always feeling better than when you arrived. Located on the second floor in an artistic loft space, the Lab has two studios, two lounges, showers, and parking and public transportation.

The Space Between 

This is a soulful yoga studio for those who love to transport themselves to a state of pure tranquility. There are classes for different purposes; all meant to help you let it loose and become one with your soul. This is a must-try yoga studio in Chicago.

Engage in ancient yoga practices through graceful movement, soft music, slow transitions, and meditation breathwork. Combined with the candle-lit studio atmosphere and supportive instructors, you are bound to have a memorable experience.

Livestream and in-studio classes are available for you with a variety of package options. The Space Between sits at 200 N Green Street of Hoxton, Chicago.

Tula Yoga

Find your balance at the female-owned Tula Yoga Studio located at 2827 W Belden Avenue. A safe, supportive, inclusive, and peaceful space for yoga and meditation waits for you here.

Tula Yoga believes everyone and anyone can do yoga. All kinds of people are welcome here and will be accepted with warmth. You will follow yoga’s core tenets through their classes in a mixture of traditional and modern accessibility.

Single classes start at $22, the new student package being $39. There are also monthly and yearly unlimited membership. Compared to most other yoga studios in Chicago, Tula Yoga is quite budget-friendly.

Yoga 2.0 

Yoga 2.0 is one of the most famous yoga studios in Chicago. Their uniqueness lies in their goal. They strive to develop the yoga experience by remedying the major pain points people usually face while doing it.

You’ll love the yoga instructors, who are all seasoned professionals with thousands of hours of experience. Their creative and thoughtful sequencing and smooth form and structure will help you a lot.

There are infrared heat classes for stress/anxiety relief and body detoxification. The luxurious studio prides themselves on their meticulous cleanliness as well. Find them at 215 W Ontario Street!

And there you go! Now I have a good list of yoga studios to choose from to get back to my healthy schedule. Why not you?

Yoga Loft Studios

With a mission to promote wellbeing for everyone who walks through their doors, Yoga Loft Studios began operating in 2012. They also have a wide catalog of products for you in their retail shop!

The best thing about Yoga Loft is the diversity and breadth of its classes. Vinyasa flow, guided meditation, traditional heated and hot offerings, yoga sculpt. You’ll find it all here.

However, their classes are known to be quite intense often, so it’s for those who want to break a sweat. Join a single in-studio drop-in class for $24 or a virtual class for $14 to try them out.

Yoga Now

Yoga Now provides inspiring, soulful transformation through yoga classes and massages in an eco-friendly studio and online. They are committed to providing yoga and healing, creating a healthy body, and promoting long and peaceful life.

Yoga Now has a full virtual class schedule online, with in-person classes available when allowed by government regulations and a robust Outdoor Yoga program when the weather is warm. They offer various yoga disciplines, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yoga Basics, and PreNatal yoga. Yoga Now has two massage rooms for healing and relaxation in addition to our yoga offerings. They offer a well-regarded Teacher Training program (RYT-200) and Advanced Teacher Training (RYT-500).

Yoga Now studio opened in 2003, so they have been in business for 17 years. Their studio is built of all eco-friendly materials with earthen clay plasters on the walls, recycled blue jeans for insulation, and renewable bamboo floors.

Zen Yoga Garage

Zen Yoga Garage is an independently owned yoga studio with an urban flair and a mission to create a safe space for a diverse array of people to find their flow! ZYG offers Yoga classes in multiple formats, from more meditative and gentle approaches to high-intensity training with weights and cardio.

All of Zen’s offerings pay homage to the traditions of the yoga lineage but give teachers a chance to show their style. No matter what your thing is, Zen-Yoga Garage has a class for you! All of Zen’s offerings are available IRL, via Livestream, or through video replay.

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