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According to YogaCity NYC, there are more than 300 yoga studios in Manhattan and its environs. There are yoga studios in community centers and gyms, and that does not add up those numbers. That is why you need to recommend the best yoga studios in New York City New York. 

The number of yoga studios is still rising, and even Starbucks outlets cannot compete with that. Here, we will cover ten of the best ones with a mixture of intense and soothing sessions covered. So, prepare that mat or join a studio with one based on the analysis below. 

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We Analyzed 1529 Yoga Studios in NYC, New York, and Picked the Top 12

Bode NYC 

Bode NYC came from the former Bikram Yoga, established in Manhattan in 1999. Later, they changed it to Bode NYC, and the yoga classes get better as the days progress. The variety in the teachings includes Hot Bode Flow, Traditional Yoga, Yoga Nidra meditation, and Hot HIIT. 

A 25% discount on the studio packages gives you access to everything at an affordable fee. There are live stream sessions for those who want to join but be away. For a single session, it will cost you $35, while a pack of ten classes will go for $310.

Dharma Yoga Center

The Dharma Yoga Center is the worldwide center for Dharma Yoga, the style of yoga named for Sri Dharma Mittra, an 82-year-old master yoga teacher who has been teaching in New York City and around the world since 1967.

Dharma Yoga is classical yoga that includes and incorporates all eight limbs of practice, as filtered through the over a half-century of Sri Dharma Mittra’s practice and teaching, adapted for the person of today. The Dharma Yoga Center is an oasis of yoga in the bustling Flatiron District of Manhattan on the ground floor of the iconic Masonic Hall on Sixth Avenue from 23rd to 24th Street.

The Dharma Yoga Center is open seven days a week to offer classes in Dharma Yoga that include Asana (the physical exercises and stretches), Pranayama (breathing exercises), concentration/meditation, Dharma Yoga Wheel practices, and teacher training.

Earth Yoga NYC 

Are you learning to find some peace and wellness? Earth Yoga NYC will help you define that along the way. There is yoga, of course, but they combine that with health coaching and meditation sessions. 

There is Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Ashtanga And Gentle Flow for you. Every lesson has experienced instructors since you get a combination of all. A single class needs $29, but a whole month will cost you $195. 

If you would like to go virtual, the monthly Zoom option goes for $99. 

Integral Yoga Institute 

Lastly, we have Integral Yoga in West Village led by Swami Satchidananda, founded in 1966. Since then, the classes are composed of Hatha style, where breathing and stretching define the sessions. There is also strength enhanced in the process. Overall, there is a much better learning environment that is not complicated with strange poses. 

There are multiple yoga classrooms on offer and a bookstore too. The surrounding environs contain an organic market with a vast selection of herbs and dietary supplements. 

There is a mixture of yoga, cooking classes, mediation, and concerts. If you would like to introduce yourself here, there are free classes on Sundays, between 1.15 pm and 3 pm. 


This is the place that your favorite star would love to visit for a stretch. The famous Union Square studio has the best interpretation of the yoga tradition, and there is space for visitors. That is why the house of Dharma Mittra has one of the largest rooms in America for yoga purposes. 

Any demanding classes have tailored rooms, and you get up to 100 students in one session. Some of the sold-out sessions will have the founders, David Life and Sharon Gannon, visiting. If you want to get yoga teachings from the veterans, then you have to book in advance. 

The lessons will consist of Sanskrit, singing, advanced asana, and meditation. 

Laughing Lotus 

From Chelsea, this is a New York City yoga studio established in a factory loft. It’s pretty large to accommodate the joining folks. It’s, however, never enough due to the full capacity the founders, Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi, have to endure. 

The theme inside is pink and orange, while the teachers constantly discuss yoga philosophy and Sanskrit. Soundtracks of contemporary music back up the teachings. Apart from the regular days, you also get a fully packed class of midnight Yoga. 

It starts at 10 pm, and you get the yoga-jam feeling accompanied by live music. A 60-75 minutes class will cost you $11, while a 90-minute class will cost you $16. 

LL Studio Yoga 

Another place you will get a nice yoga stretch is the LL Studio Yoga. They have locations at Upper East Side, 1477 3rd Avenue, and Flatiron District, 166 5th Avenue. The studios are armed with handstands and headstands and what you may get in an introductory yoga class. 

Things can be quite fast here if you are working with veterans. For the learners, there is an option to start with the beginner classes, which will slow down the pace as you get used to it. There are donation-based classes for those on a tight budget. 

Otherwise, you pay for an unlimited membership, which costs $120 per month. 

OM Yoga

OM Factory NYC was born in the Garment District in 2006 and moved to its current location at 873 Broadway in Flatiron in 2012. OM Factory also currently has ten sister studios in Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The studio specializes in Aerial Yoga – a hybrid practice that combines traditional yoga postures with aerial acrobatics and conditioning exercises, performed with the assistance of a seven-yard aerial hammock rigged a few feet above your yoga mat.

They also offer weekly aerial circus classes (silks, Lyra, and more) and an internationally renowned 50-Hour Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program multiple times a year.

Sky Ting Yoga 

Sky Ting Yoga will welcome you with an airy feeling all over, which makes you feel relaxed already. The sessions give you a taste of Vinyasa, Hatha, Katonah, and Taoist while breathing and meditation moderates everything. 

The Katonah yoga was developed slightly over 45 years ago, and this is one of the few studios in NYC that offer it. If you want to polish your maps of time and personal space, that is what Katonah will do. 

Due to COVID-19 regulations, Sky Ting Yoga has improvised by offering live classes via Sky Ting TV. It costs you $20 every month or $200 for the whole year. They, however, still have all their three locations in the city. 

The Studio Upstate

The Studio Upstate is the premier multi-use fitness boutique in Lake Placid, NY. They believe health is a whole mind-body-soul experience achieved through different pathways as unique as their members. The Studio offers group and private sessions that fuse Yoga, Aerial Dance, and Pilates principles.

Their priority is to keep their practitioners moving on the mat, reformers, aerial hammocks, and poles. Find inspiration at The Studio Upstate in the beautiful Adirondacks!

Y7 Studio 

Do you like yoga seasons with a vibe? Here is the Y7 Studio that has candlelit rooms and infrared rocking some hip-hop tunes. That is what it’s well known for as the yogis break the sweat. There are 12 studios for this enterprise here across NYC. 

In all, you get Vinyasa-style yoga, so more movement and breathing benefit your whole body. It may seem like one style, but that is what both beginners and the experienced can both enjoy as everyone gets along. 

A class is quite costly, though, since you’ll pay $25. It gets better, though, when you spend more since ten lessons will go for $210. A monthly subscription will cost you $179 per month, giving you access to all their studios and services. 

Yoga to the People 

The name inspires all kinds of people who would like to attend Yoga classes. That is why both novice and seasoned practitioners are welcome. There are no particular levels, and that is everyone practices together as the tutors strive to make everyone suited. 

The Studio heavily depends on donations that the attendees offer. That is why you must come here with a big heart and drop what you have at the entrance. If you like yoga after classes or work, Yoga to the People will be your best bet. 

It’s located in an area with noodle shops, college bars, and clothing stores. There are also other locations on 27th Street and 3th Street. A 60-minute class here will need a $10 donation. 

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